We have 5 services that are available to all of our clients. Not only can we help you with any networking problems, but we can also help to fix your current device. If you are looking to purchase a new device, then we can also assist you with that and we have the best options for your money.

Computer Service and Repair

Computer Service and Repair

We can assist you with any of your computer repair services  that you need. We  can replace all of the parts that can be broken, such as the hard drive, mother board, memory  and much more. Let us take care of getting your device back up and working for you so that you don’t need to worry.

computer sales

Computer Sales

One of our major parts of the business is computer sales in Howrah, Bally, Uttarpara, Konnagar, Serampore and nearby areas and we have a wide variety of options that you can choose from. We have plenty of brands, makes and models that you can pick from as well as different monitors, mouses, keyboards and more to choose from. We can help you put together the perfect system for your needs.

laptop repair

Laptop Service and Repair

The one service that everyone needs is laptop repair service. We can help you get your laptop back to normal again by replacing the various parts like the screen, keyboard, mouse and other internal elements. We can take care of any models or brand, so let us help you get back to work and back to everything else.

laptop sales

Laptop Sales

If you are thinking about purchasing a new computer, then visit our laptop sales store so that you can find the best options. We have the latest models from all of the most popular brands that have the highest configurations that will meet your needs as well as budget.

computer networking


If you find that you need a few of your computers put together, then let us help you with the computer networking . We can put everything together for you without any worry and we can install all of the printers, scanners and other devices that would need to be taken care of.

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